BSR-74, cal. 5,45x39mm

BSR (Bulgarian sport rifle), is a semiautomatic sport rifle, manufactured by “ISD Bulgaria” Ltd. The rifle is gas-operated where a portion of high-pressure gas from the cartridge is used to impinge on the piston head to perform reloading. It has a stamped, lightweight type of receiver. The trigger mechanism, as well as all components of the rifle, are made of stolid steel. The stock, forearm and handguard are made of impact resistant polymer of natural wood. All BSR rifles have mechanical sights, divided into sectors for shooting at various distances. The rifle can be equipped with various extras on request –folding stock, handguard and a cover with a Picatinny rail for scope mounting and others.


  • Caliber – 5,45х39 mm
  • Action – Gas operated, Semi automatic
  • Type of loading – Self loading
  • Barrel length –  415 mm
  • Overall length – 960 mm
  • Initial speed of the bullet – 900 m per second
  • Effective shooting range – 600 m
  • Total weight with magazine – empty – 3500 g
  • Characteristics – Wooden upper & lower hand guard; wooden stock; red or black polymer grip
  • Accessories – 30 rd. magazine
  • Packing information:
    • Weight of box with 1 rifle – 3.8 kg
    • Dims. of box with 1 rifle – 100x21x9 cm
    • Weight of box with 5 rifles – 19.5 kg
    • Dims. of box with 5 rifles – 105x24x53 cm

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